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Miata Anniversary Pins: New Club Item! 

The club officers and directors voted on the production of a special "ANNIVERSARY" Pin for the Utah Miata Club Members during the club's 25th Anniversary year.  This pin has the Official Club Logo on it.  This is a pin which will honor all club Members once they reach their "Three Year" and "Five Year" anniversary of joining the club. The Pin will be made of Copper, Silver, and Gold Metals and feature a white face on the logo for the 3 & 5 year pins respectively. Each different pin will have the number designating the Membership Year. In addition the club offers a 10, 15, 20 and 25 Year Pin for the members who have been longtime continuous members of the club.


Once a new member has reached 3 years with the club they will receive their 3 Year pin on their Anniversary Month. When you have been with the club for five years you will receive your 5 year pin, and so forth. Anniversary Pins are made of Bright Copper, Silver and Gold Metal. Some have Antiqued, Anaodized or Sandblasted Copper, Silver, Gold or Nickel finish.  I know a lot of members are starting to collect Miata pins, so this will be nice to add to their personal collection. 

The 10, 15, 20, and 25 Year Pin will basically be the same and use the same die mold only not painted with Red, Black and White enamel paint but be all bright glossy copper, silver, or gold in addition featuring in the same format. Each different pin will have black etched numbers indicating the anniversary year. They will be great collector's items for Utah Club Members. We think this is a good way to honor each member for their service in the club. 


Notice on Club Applications & Waivers:

Some Club Member Applications and Waivers are not signed or complete. Jim Newson, Miata Club Secretary, is the person to see to correct any "dates" that you joined the club if it is incorrect on our records. 


For those that do NOT have a current Club Application and Waiver Form on file with the Club Secretary, please fill out a new application and waiver at the next meeting and give to Jim or Margie. They have copies of the new Application/Waiver at our luncheons. We will let you know if we need one from you. If you do not actively come out to the monthly luncheons or meetings, please download the application/waiver from web site and fill out and mail to Jim and Margie. Olease keep current on your Membership Dues as we value your membership in the club. 


 We want to have current contact information on file for each and every member.


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Mike Bailey   801-597-1456   Club Media Director / Past President

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