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Mazda Augsburg Museum
by Mike Bailey

While on our Viking River Cruise, Gordy and Jackie Nicholl did some traveling in Germany and stopped at Walter Frey's Mazda Museum in Augsburg, Germany.  They visited the museum and took these photos while there.  Incidentally this Museum is featured in the Summer 2017 issue for Mazda's Zoom Zoom Magazine. The outside front cover depicts the museum interior.  You can go online and read about it and also download a copy of the magazine if you wish.  They also met with the Stuttgart, Germany Miata club while there and had a great time. 


Report from Gordy Nicholl on Mazda Museum:

In early August I was asked if I would like to visit a Mazda Museum in Augsburg Germany. Upon our arrival we found one of the most wonderful museums in Germany. A local Mazda dealer named Walter Frey has put together an amazing collection of Mazda cars, including several vintage Miatas. One of the most interesting cars to me was an immaculately restored 1968 Mazda Cosmos. This car was incredible! After a couple of hours we were informed by the host that a local Miata club would be having their monthly meeting the next day at the museum and that we were welcome to attend. Upon our arrival the next morning we found several Miatas parked in the lot and many more arriving. In just a few minutes 38 Miatas had arrived from Stuttgart, the next city to the west. Walter Frey was there and introduced himself to me. He immediately saw my Utah Miata Hat and snatched it right off my head. He said "That hat is going into my personal collection." What a wonderful gentleman. Walter and I spent a great deal of time looking over the collection and talking about the different Miatas. At the end of our discussion he invited me to his personal, private annual party at his personal residence. He informed me that I could visit his personal garage and see the 140 cars stored there.       
Unfortunately, I was not in Augsburg for the party. Upon my return home I was surprised to see the September issue of the Zoom Zoom Magazine and right there on the front cover was a picture of the same museum I had just been in. You will see that picture in one of the photos I am posting. This was a wonderful experience and I am very pleased to have these incredible memories. Long Live the Roadster!

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