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New 4th Generation (ND) Shirts

I have a new Miata image that has been popular nationally for the 4th Generation Miata (ND). It is our latest UMC shirt design.  The image is the silhouette of the new ND,or 4th Generation MX-5 Miata, also to include the 2017 RF (Retractable Fastback Miata). Shirts like this have been popular with the California Miata crowd and others who have purchased the new ND.  The image will be screen-printed on the front (or back) of a T-Shirt.  The cost is $15.00 each and will go on any white or light colored Tee Shirt that you prefer. Cost is $18.00 for a Black or dark colored shirt, due to the extra expense of treating a dark color shirt for this screen printing process. The design can also be put on Sweat Shirts or other fleece items.  


Embroidered Shirts:  We are also embroidering Polo shirts or Club Jackets with this similar image embroidered small on the left front chest area.  This can be put on most any type of polos and we can change colors of the threads used to contrast with the color of the polo or jacket.  It will normally be dark red and black or white on the logo image.  The Polo shirts will be $35.00, our regular price.  Men's or Ladies sizing is available. The new ND image is nice no matter what generation Miata you own!

Ball Caps or Hats: Ball caps are also embroidered in contrasting thread colors at the regular cost of $15.00 each unless you want a special order hat which will be $18.00.  The Military Hat is still $20.00. 

Club Jackets: The Official Club Jacket is a 100% Polyester, lightweight jacket with two slash zip pockets and an inside pocket. It has a contrasting neck trim with a hidden, concealed hood and front and back vents. It comes in Ladies and Men's sizing and several color combinations. We embroider your name on it and it features the ND Logo(or Official Club Logo).  Cost is $70.00  ($78.00 with Mountains Logo).



Denim Shirts and Vests: New for 2017! Denim Shirts with any of the 3 logos (ND, Official Club, or Mountains) is offered. Shirts are either Short Sleeve or Long Sleeve and come in men's and ladies sizing.  Specify logo, size and short or long sleeve.  Shirts are $30.00 each with embroidered logo. $35.00 for Mountains Logo 

Denim or Fleece Vests:  We also have a sleeveless Denim or Fleece Vest with the same logos offered. All vests have collar and double pockets.  Vests are $25.00. Mountains Logo $5.00 extra.  Note: ND or Official Logo is normally $10.00 to embroider or !5.00 for Mountains logo for embroidery. We can also embroider club logos on your own apparel.


If you would like to order any items see Mike Bailey, the MiataWear Man.  Call me at 801-597-1456 or email me at or sign up on the lists that are sent around during monthly club luncheons.

Club Car Magnets: 6.5"  Round Car Magnetics: $25.00 per pair of two magnets.  Official or Mountains Logo with color of your Miata on them.  Fit conveniently on inside of trunk lid when not in use.  Order your set now!

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