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Crazy Hat Day:

April Luncheon / Drive:

Saturday, April 4, 2020: 11:30 am. 

Where: Riverton Park by Old Dome Meeting Hall

Address: 1452 W. 12600 S. Riverton, 84065

The April 2020 Club Luncheon and Drive will be Crazy Hat Day at the Riverton City Park by the Old Dome Meeting Hall, address above.  Be sure to bring and wear your most Crazy Hat!  We will all get "sack" lunches or bring your own lunch to the park before meeting at the park.  There are lots of fast food places for take-out or drive-thru window near there.  The park is just west of Redwood Road and on 12600 South. (over close to Jim's Restaurant where we met last month).  Turn into the park at 1452 W. off 12600 S. and go right past the Old Dome Hall and park in the parking lot just west of the Picnic Pavilion.  We do not have the pavilion reserved but can eat there.  If people are at the tables we can move to another section of pavilion or we will eat lunch on the lawn area between pavilion and parking lot. Wear your crazy hats!  We will have our meeting there. We did have Leatherby's Creamery reserved in Taylorsville but had to cancel because of the close of all the restaurants in Salt Lake Valley.

After lunch and our meeting we will take a drive west along 12600 South to Mountain View Corridor (Hwy. 85) and turn left (South).  We will follow MVC all the way south where it turns left onto Porter Rockwell Blvd. at the T-Junction by Saratoga Springs. There is a light at Redwood Road (Hwy. 68) which we will turn right at and head south through Saratoga Springs along the west side of Utah Lake to Elberta.  At Hwy. 6 (in front of the old Sinclair station) we turn right (West) and drive to Eureka.  We do not plan to stop at the Sinclair like we usually do.  If we need a bathroom break we can probably find a place in Eureka.  We drive through Eureka to Silver City junction and take a sharp right onto Hwy. 36 and head north through the desert to Vernon.  Hopefully we will be able to see some cactus in bloom with all the rain we have had. Then it is straight north to Faust.  At that Junction those wanting to go north to Tooele and catch either 201 East to Salt Lake or continue to I-80 North to Bountiful or Layton for those that live up north, can do so.  Or for others going to the south Salt Lake Valley we will turn right onto the Pony Express Hwy. and Trail Road to Faust in Rush Valley.  Going East this road turns into Hwy. 73 to Fairfield, Cedar Fort, and past Eagle Mountain and then Saratoga Springs.  You can find you own way home from there.  An alternate route for those going north, you can go to I-15 and go north from there.  We hope to see all of you there as it will be a fun get-away for the day and a break from all the Coronavirus news.

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