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March Luncheon / Drive Information:

Where: Legends Sports Pub, Sandy Southtown

When: Saturday, March 6th at 11:30 a.m.

Our March Luncheon and Meeting will be at Legends Sport Pub & Grill Southtown on Saturday, March 6, 2021 at 11:30 a.m.


Legends is located off 10600 South and I-15 (east side of I-15) across from Southtown Mall to the south. Take first street east of the freeway and turn right and it is just on the left hand side of the road.  Address is 10631 S. Holiday Park Road, Sandy, Ut. 84070.  Phone 801-679-1749.  We will be meeting on the right side of restaurant as you enter the front door, in a semi-private area.  Tables will be set up for our group.  We will order off the menu.  The menu features burgers, sandwiches, salads, pizza, and most pub style food and drinks.  Adults only, please no children.  We will have our monthly meeting after we order our food.  Please come with your face masks to wear at all times except when eating.  We will have our meeting and discuss upcoming events and activities.


After lunch we will assemble in the parking lot and drive south on I-15 to Pioneer Crossing (Ut. Hwy 145 West) exit 278 right going West,  just past Thanksgiving Point.  This exit is just before you come into American Fork.  Travel west to Saratoga Springs and turn left onto Hwy. 68 which travels south on the west side of Utah Lake.  From there you will know the way to Elberta.  If I happen to drive a little fast along the first portion of this road it is because I like to catch the top of the little hills on the road.  We may stop at the old Sinclair gas station for a photo op if there are not motorcycles or others there.  This station was built in 1917.  The station remained in operation until 1982. (thanks to info provided to me by Val, our NL Editor).  From there we will head to Eureka.  If anyone needs a potty stop, we will announce this over our FRS radios, and stop there as there is No Restroom Service until we get to our destination.  We will drive past Vernon and then turn east at Rush Valley onto Hwy. 73 to Cedar Fort.  We continue past Eagle Mountain to our destination at Saratoga Springs.  It will be about 140-150 miles round trip and take about 3 hours but it will be a fun get-away and day, and hopefully the sun will be out with blue skies.  This trip is based on weather permitting that it will be a nice day.  This was the first drive we did last year when Covid started.  Be sure to bring your FRS two-way radios so we can communicate.  If someone wants to lead a sing-along while we are driving, you are welcome to do that!  Hope to see a good crowd come out.

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