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November Meeting & Drive Head’s Up

By: Susan Vaughn

November 6th: As November arrives we will see the temperature dropping to the mid to high 50’s. It will be cool so we are hoping to get one more out of doors meeting in before the snow flies. We are looking at having lunch at Western Springs Park in Riverton, UT. The address is 4570 W Goshute Drive, Riverton. We have used this park in the past and it will be familiar to most of you. The meeting will be 11:30 a.m., bring your lunch, a chair to sit in and a blanket for those who chill easily. Do dress for the weather.

The drive planned is to head over to Mountain View Corridor and down to Redwood Road. We head south to Saratoga Springs, down the West side of Utah Lake to Elberta,  Eureka, Vernon, up to State Road 73 and back to Saratoga Springs. From there, we will all head for home. Adding another club drive to our memories before the years end. 

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