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Vanderhall Roadster Tour

When: Wednesday, March 24th  

Time: 5:00 p.m. in Provo

Cancelled: (May be scheduled for a new date)

We have a date for the Vanderhall Roadster Tour set up for Wednesday, March 24th 2021.  Our time to be there for the tour will be at 5:00 p.m. in Provo.  The address is 3500 Mountain Vista Parkway, Provo, Utah 84606.  I could not do the Friday date as they do not have any availabilabilty on this date.  I do have a short list of those who have signed up to go, or emailed me by last month's meeting.  We only have a few more members that we can accommodate, so please sign the list at the March meeting if you would like to go.  We also will plan to drive down together and will meet at the Harmon's Grocery store parking lot (at our usual place on south end of the store).  This Harmons is located at 3800 S. & Bangerter Hwy. exit off I-15. Turn left (east) off of I-15.  We will meet at and leave at 4:15 pm to try and beat any southbound I-15 traffic headed to Provo.  Try to not be late as we will leave right at 4:15.  If you are in Utah County, you can just meet us at Vanderhall. 

Some information on Vanderhall Motor Works: Vanderhall is an American vehicle manufacturer based in Provo, Utah. It manufactures hand-made three-wheeled autocycles designed for sports driving, touring, commuting and city driving.  They have been in business for 10 years in Utah.  Vanderhall was established in 2010, and the idea of the vehicles the founders had envisioned took five years to design before ever releasing a prototype to the public.  They have several models of this roadster which we will see up close. This tour will be similar to the one we have done twice before in past years at Kirkham's Motor Sports, also located in Provo.  We will get an up-close look at the vehicles and how they are made. They have just made a new ATV / All Road 4 wheel, all electric vechicle call the Navarro with 350 hp.  This tour should be a lot of fun for us 'car enthusiasts'.  This will be a private tour just for our group as they usually do not solicit general group tours. This tour would require us to be somewhat socially distanced and wear our masks and we must abide by health dept. guidelines. The tour of their production facilities is Free, only if we would be willing to submit a Google review after the tour.  I agreed that we would be willing to do this.  Please go to their website to leave a review at:  Vanderhall Motor Works (

Edison Model of Vanderhall Roadster.jpg
Navarro-Electric Model.jpg
Navarro-Rear View.jpg
Venice-GT Model.jpg
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