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June Monthly Meeting and Bear Lake Run

By: Steve & Ronda Beckstead

Date & Time:  Saturday, June 4th 10:00 AM

Location: Rotary Glen Park on Sunnyside Ave

Address: Rotary Glen Park is about 2900 East Sunnyside Avenue (900 South) just East of Hogle Zoo on right side and at the mouth of Emigration Canyon.  Look for the Miatas.


We will have our monthly meeting at Rotary Glen Park, then head up Emigration canyon for our ride. Bring lawn chairs with your own snack if you wish. I’m picking up an egg McMuffin.


Drive Information:

Route is up Emigration Canyon, then to East Canyon Reservoir.  Around the water we go down to Morgan, then over Trapper’s Loop. We’ll stop at Southfork Chevron Station (Huntsville) for a break, regroup, and pick up any north members.


As a thought, if any members living north are interested in just meeting us up the road, we’ll be at the Huntsville Chevron around Noon if you prefer to meet there.  Just be SURE to let someone know so we’ll know to pick you up.


We go East on Monte Cristo Highway 39 to Woodruff, then North to Sage Creek Junction and left to Garden City.  We may split up for Raspberry shakes at any of 2 or 3 places, meeting for the ride down Highway 89 to Logan.  LaBeau’s or the Chevron are 2 choices in Garden City.  When we reach Garden City we will announce what time to regroup for the drive back.


After the raspberry shake stop, we go down beautiful Logan Canyon on Highway 89, then over Sardine Canyon, and we’ll pull off for a quick goodbye in the Maddox parking lot in Perry. The drive will end here where those who wish to can do early dinner at Maddox or in Brigham City.


The drive will be close to 5 hours and is one of my favorites.  There are numerous places along the way to drop off and do a shorter drive at your discretion.  From Maddox each to their own route home.

Alternate Plan after Bear Lake

The Mechlings and Nicholls have decided to take an alternate route home from Bear Lake.  They will be heading north to Lava Hot Springs to spend the night, then drive home on Sunday, June 5th.  They have made reservations at Lava Hot Springs Inn and Spa, which has private pools.  Everyone is welcome to make their own reservations and join this extended route.

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