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         May 6th Drive & Luncheon  

by Steve Beckstead


George E. Wahlen   Park

4200 South 2175 West

Roy, Utah 84067

Just before 10:00 AM


New Shorter Aggie Creamery drive May 6


Because of changing circumstances due to weather and flooding, I am revising the drive for Saturday.  There are emergency flood conditions in Garden City and Saturday's weather for Paris, Idaho on our route is a high of 43 degrees with snow changing to rain later, too cold.  This weekend might have worked if not for this unusually cold and wet weather.

The new shorter drive is the Aggie Creamery drive and a map is attached.  It is just over 2 hours park to park, about 4 hours from Draper to Draper, maybe better anyway.


We’ll still meet at 10am at George E. Wahlen Park, 4200 South 2175 West, Roy. As we are not having a lunch break in Idaho now, bring a bite to eat if you wish for the business meeting we’ll hold at the park. Item of concern is there is NO RESTROOMS at the park as they are still locked up.  Ronda called Roy city to see if they would give her the restroom door code, they said no, but there is a porta potty there.  We did not see that.  There is a Harmon’s store and couple of gas stations nearby if you need facilities.  Sorry out of our hands.

When we hit the road there is a Maverik station just north on the route we can stop at for bathroom break if needed. We will not be on the freeway at all.  Up through Honeyville and Deweyville we’ll drive and around to Aggie’s Creamery on the Utah State campus for a frozen treat (restrooms here also).

Then down Sardine Canyon where there is a Wal-Mart right on Highway 91 almost to the I-15 freeway where we will pull off for a goodbye (restrooms there). There are lots of fast food places or Maddox if any want dinner. Groups of people or on their own head home from there at their choice.

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