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November Luncheon and Drive

Sponsored by Mark and Susan Vaughn

Where:  Landcruiser Heritage Museum    Phone: 505-615-5470         Address: 476 West 600 North, Salt Lake City                                    Time: 11:30 a.m. in Conference Room


The Utah Miata Club meeting will be held at the Landcruiser Heritage Museum at 476 West 600 North in Salt Lake City. The meeting is at 11:30 a.m. in their conference room. There is an admission for the museum (see admission fee schedule below on map), and you may tour the museum before and/or after the meeting. The admission price is listed below on same chart. I will check with museum tomorrow to see if there is a fee for those not wanting to visit museum exhibit and if so, put this on FB. We will not be having lunch at the meeting. You can eat before coming or after you leave the museum.


If you prefer to have something to eat before the11:30 meeting, please do so, or if you’d like a late lunch we will eat after we are through touring the museum.  After the business meeting we will meet at the New Golden Dragon Restaurant in South Salt Lake at 1716 South State Street.  We anticipate spending an hour or however long you would like to stay at the museum, and then head over to the restaurant. We have reservations for the club at about 2:00 p.m. but we can be late if necessary as they will be planning for us when we arrive..


The Land Cruiser Heritage Museum houses what is believed to be the world's most diverse collection of Land Cruisers. Models range from a beautifully patina'd 1953 Toyota Jeep BJT to a pristine 2021 Heritage Edition 200 series. You’ll see 20 series, 40 series, 55 series, 60 series, 70 series, 80 series, 100 series and many other rare “cousins” of the Land Cruiser, including a Delta Mini Cruiser, Blizzards, a PX-10, and Mega Cruisers. You'll see the first Land Cruiser sold in the United States, the first (and only) four-wheeled vehicle to traverse all seven continents, and more.


It is highly recommended approaching the museum if coming from 600 North heading East, turning right on 500 West and then turn right on 500 North and turn right on 500 West. There is free parking beneath the underpass. Refer to map below.  We look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday.

The goal of the museum is to acquire and display one of every model of Land Cruiser ever produced, which is over 100 models. Private collectors and Land Cruiser enthusiasts have loaned the Museum vehicles, vintage owner’s manuals, over 1000 scale models, tool kits, marketing materials, memorabilia and artwork, all of which are on display. There is also a 10’x13’ 3D printed map of the state of Utah, which we believe is the coolest map of Utah ever produced.  See everyone on Saturday.


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