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April Re-Con Trip to Deer Valley

When: Saturday, April 23, 2016

When: Saturday, April 23, 2016

Time:  Meet at 9:45 a.m.  Engines start and leave at 10:00 a.m.

Where: Meet at Fashion Place Mall, East Parking lot by Dillard's on 6400 South.

Who is Invited:  All Utah Miata Club Members and especially Deer Valley Event Committee Members.

Route:  We will get on I-215 Eastbound and head up to Parley's Canyon and take I-80 to Kimball Junction Exit to Park City.  Once in Park City we will take road that leads up to The Chateaux Lodge in Deer Valley.

We can park in the private enclosed parking at The Chateaux.  Other parking is available across the street from the lodge. 


Our Committee meets at 11:00 a.m. with Nancy Liepmann, our Event Planner contact at the resort.   We will probably do a walk through at the Check in Area and the Conference Room we will be using during the event, which is located on the lower level. We will discuss our needs with Nancy during this time. We will also discuss the layout of our tables, etc.   Note: Not everyone needs to be involved with the details of the discussions unless you want to.  You have option of walking around Chateaux Resort area and check it out. ie; lobby, restaurants, bar, patio, pool area, and courtyard areas, etc.  

 If some want to view one of the Bedrooms or Suites, we can do so at that time or after our discussions with Nancy.  Rich Green will be handling anything to do with the Bedrooms, Suites or Rooming needs. 


We will also discuss the following with Nancy:

1. Menus for Welcome Social and Saturday Evening Buffett Dinner and possibly meet with the Head Chef.

2. Display of our Signs, banners, posters, white boards, etc. and details concerning Audio/Visual needs, storage rooms for Goody Bags, Hospitality Room options, etc.

3. Discuss any information she has obtained for us from Park City Chamber, Travel Council or Merchant's Association in regards to other activities going on during our event, such as Wednesday night Concert, etc.

4. Discuss Group Photo Shoot and Car Show & Shine and car wash station areas, additional parking needs, etc.


After our meeting we can have lunch in Park City.  Some suggestions is the Boneyard where we ate before last Fall's ReCon trip or somewhere else in Park City.  Place will be determined by majority vote before we leave The Chateaux.  If we have time and if some want to go on a drive in the area, we can also do that.


Staying the night option: Rooms available for Special discounted rate of $124.00 for a One Bedroom.  $224.00 for the night for a Suite, which sleeps 4 people.  It is suggested to make arrangements in advance.  Mention this special price when booking a room and you can mention Nancy's name if necessary.   You can also take a chance on booking one there on day of ReCon.   


If anyone else has any suggestions or ideas please call or email me. 

Thank you, and see you then.



Mike Bailey

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