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August 2020 Raspberry Run

Steve and Ronda, your drive hosts invite you on

Sat., August 1st at 10am Rotary Glen Park

Just past Hogle Zoo mouth of Emigration Canyon

Okay, convertible people, I’ve heard there is a craving for a nice long top down drive.  This drive will be about 5.5 hours not counting ice cream and potty stops.  Due to COVID fun times we’ll have to remain flexible, but the driving will be beautiful.

We will meet at Rotary Glen Park which is just East of Hogle Zoo on right side of Sunnyside Avenue (900 South).  You’ll see the Miatas.  I’d like to be on the road by 10:15.  Route is up Emigration Canyon, then to East Canyon Reservoir.  Around the water we go down to Morgan, then over the top of Trapper’s Loop. We will have a break at the Southfork Chevron Station (Huntsville) for bathroom or a snack.


Then it’s across Highway 39, Monte Cristo Highway to Woodruff.  From there we’ll go North on the rather boring drive to Sage Creek Junction and left to Garden City.  We will check the crowds and might split up for Raspberry shakes at any of 2 or 3 places, meeting for the ride down Highway 89 to Logan.  LaBeau’s or the Chevron are 2 choices in Garden City.

After Logan Canyon sightseeing, and If we were not able to get a treat in Garden City, we’ll stop at Utah State University’s “Aggie Creamery” for highly recommended ice cream.  Travelling down Highway 89 we’ll continue to Perry for a quick goodbye in the Maddox parking lot. From there each to their own route home.

(As a side thought, if any are interested is meeting up the road for whatever reason, we’ll be at the Sinclair Old Farm Market at the entrance to Trappers Loop at around 11:45 am if you prefer to meet there.  Just be SURE to let someone know so we’ll pick you up.)

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