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July Miata Lunch and Drive

“The Wasatch Back”

lead by Ken and Jan



There has been a change in the lunch procedure. We lost our access to The Corner Restaurant because of a previous booking that the owner was unaware of. They had previously booked all the downstairs indoor and out. He was genuinely disheartened, but offered us the outside front seating area. We declined because it is too small for our group and does not offer the social distancing that our club expects.


We made a quick trip this afternoon 7/3/2020 to Heber and Midway to find a park that had all attributes that would fulfill our requirements. We found two of the three parks in Midway to be very satisfactory. The one we are recommending is Centennial Park, one block off the main drag behind the large Ridley's Family Market and 7 Eleven Convenience Store. There seems to be plenty of shade and there were few people gathered as compared to other parks in Heber. There are no outhouses, but there are bathrooms in Ridley's Family Market, 7 Eleven Convenience Store and at the Town Square across the street . The address will be at the corner of W100N and N. Center St., Midway, UT.


The following are several restaurants that have take-out service in Midway. Most require 30 minutes or so to prepare your meals.  We will be at the overlook to Jordenelle Reservoir about 30 minutes from Midway if anyone wants to order food, that would be a good time to do it.  Ridley's Family Market (Red Button Ice Cream Counter) probably has a deli, but I did not go inside to check it out. The last time I was there they had great donuts.  Great Food $$  Very Good Pizza's and salads $$  Burgers, fries, and shakes $  Totally unknown $$  Totally unknown $ located inside Ridley's Market

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