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Total Lunar Eclipse In September




The date is set - the evening of Sunday September 27th, 2015 (Salt Lake Time). The eclipse will be underway at 7:13 PM when the moon rises over the Salt Lake valley. The moon will be in totality from 8:11 PM to 9:23 PM (max at 8:47 PM). After totality the Umbra (the major shadow of the earth) will travel across the moon till 10:27 PM, when the shows is pretty much over.

Let’s hold our own Eclipse Party at Soldier Hollow Golf Course (1370 Soldier Hollow Dr., Midway, Ut 84049). 

Jim and Margie have arranged to use the parking lot, off the wet grass, near the Club House if we need warmth, etc. Between now and the Club luncheon on September 5th, we can pick a place to meet for dinner. Then travel to Soldier Hollow before sunset.

Plan on bringing: Warm clothing/Blankets! Hot drinks, Bug Repellent, Lawn chair, Binoculars/Telescope, etc. Our only variable is the weather - hoping for clear skies.

For those not able to attend, the eclipse can be seen any where the moon can be seen during the eclipse. Your location is not critical like a solar eclipse.


Additional eclipse info at:


Sharon and I won’t be able to make the Aug 1st Club Meeting so we will see you September 5th with final



Robert & Sharon Mechling 

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