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Miata Canada Adventure

July 18-26, 2015 by Mike Bailey   

"Miata Canada Adventure" Apparel


We have a new Logo for the Miata Canadian Adventure trip that Susan and Mark Vaughn are doing and are in charge of.  The logo features an American Flag and a Canadian Flag on Gold flag poles crossing each other.  A red Miata is under the flags with a different version of the Utah Miata Club logo below the official name of the event.  Originally billed as the "YMCA" (Your Miata Club Adventure or Miata Canadian Adventure) the name was shortened. 


We will be featuring some Miata Club Apparel for this trip similarly to what has been done for our other "Adventure" trips.  We will have a Polo Shirt with logo on the front and also have a T-Shirt with the same logo on the front and on the back will feature the trip mileage, estimated at 2,280 miles with the date; July 18-26, 2015 on it.   There will be a map of the itinerary and route of the trip below this information.  The map on these shirts has been very popular. .  In addition we will have ball caps and military caps with an embroidered simple logo of the same, on the hats.  It is possible that small Club Event Magnets will also be available with the logo on them.  It seems that the magnets have been collector's items for attendees. 


Please email Mike Bailey directly or call on phone for those wishing to purchase these items.  Deadline is July 6 for orders.


Even if you are not going on this trip you can still purchase any of this merchandise to support the event and the club.  The main Polo and Tee will be the same color for all attendees.  Official Polo shirt for this trip will be Ocean Blue and Tee Shirt will be light Banana Yellow.  Additional shirts; Polos, Tee's, Long Sleeve T's or Sweat Shirts or Hats can be purchased as well and in different colors. Remember it can get chilly up in Northern Canada and USA.  Please contact  Mike Bailey for these but get your order in quickly as there are only a few weeks until the trip begins.  Email or phone me with any orders and be sure to provide Name, Size, (Ladies if you want a ladies size) and color and quantity of items wanted.  Prices will be the same prices you are used to paying for on other UMC Adventures.  Thank you.


RE: This trip leaves July 18-26, 2015. For any details contact Susan or Mark Vaughn. 

 Itinerary is on the Map for back of the shirt which you can view on the illustration. 



Mike Bailey

801-597-1456   Email;   

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