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Moonlight Drive,Ski Lift and Ice Cream Run Saturday, August 29th leaving at 6pm



Quoted from Facebook event created:

Join us for something different and fun! We will meet at 6pm at the Bangerter Highway Harmon's Parking lot off I-15 just prior to 6pm. We will drive over Suncrest and up the Alpine loop. Turning left about half way, we'll cruise down to Cascade Springs for a short walk around one or more of 3 easy loops. Then back down the same way turning to finish the Alpine loop to Sundance Ski resort for



the Moonlight ski lift ride they do only twice a month during Summer. It starts at 8:30 pm. Bring a jacket and wear long pants, it's likely chilly at night. Concluding, we will drive down to Provo canyon and into Orem ending at the Dairy Queen there for an ice cream and goodbyes. GREAT top down fun!!

In addition I would like to say I have received some suggestions as president that eating a big meal need not always be in the plan and a drive in the cool of the evening would be really exhilarating. That being said, when Ronda and I did this last month, we split a BLT at Sundance’s sandwich shop which was delish. Also there is a bar and restaurant and there would probably be time to use either or stroll around Sundance until the lift ride.


Come Join us!!
Steve Beckstead
President, Utah Miata Club

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