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Miatas at Deer Valley, 2016 June 22-25, 2016 by Mike Bailey   
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Notice:  We will be posting the main Event Miata Photo Shoot Picture that you can download for your personal use in a couple weeks.  We are working on viewing the best photos from our Photoshoot.  We will then post it for you to be able to Download in the near future.  Thank you for your patience on this and for attending our event.   Meanwhile, please enjoy the photos below.  If you want to send us any photos for our Event Photo Gallery, please email to:

Tom Matano, Signing Miata, photo shoot, lr
Tom Matano, Susan, Signing Miatas, lr
Photo Shoot, Miatas, people-3, lr.
Photo Shoot, Miatas, people-2, lr.
Tom Matano, Susan, Arrival at photo shoot, lr
Mike Gordy, Signed Shirts-2, lr
Always Inspired, lr
Group Photo_Tom Matano_DS
Sundance A. Loop Dr. Staging-2, lr.
Bailey, Concert, lr
Btfl. Miatas, Chateaux, lr
Btfl. Mazda Miatas at Chateaux
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