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Come to Eat and Play 
at the 
November Luncheon
Saturday Nov 4, 2017
11:30 AM
Harmons (Grocery Store)
125 E 13800 S
Draper Utah

When you arrive at Harmons (in Draper) go to the deli.  Select your lunch from Soups, Salads, Chicken, Pizza, Corn-dog, prepared sandwiches, drinks etc.  Pay for your lunch, at the cash register, at the bottom of the mezzanine stairs and then go up to the mezzanine for lunch.

After lunch we will have our business meeting.  Then we will stay and play card games (in place of a drive).

Thanks to Cheryl for reserving the room and Rexanne for the card game idea.  It should be fun for all.  

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