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Reb Lobster Award

The famed Utah Miata Club "Red Lobster" Award Trophy was rediscovered after missing for several years.  Many of the newer members of the club will not know what this is, so I will explain.  The Red Lobster award has been circulating around the club for at least 17-18 years or so, to my knowledge.  I joined the club in 2007, 16 years ago and I know it was around for at least a couple years before that.  I don't even know who created it.  Maybe some of the "old time" club members like the Bowers, David Brewer, Porters, Dysons, Kloers', Ferguson's, Bates, Spence Wood or Steve Tobiasson, who are (I think) the only current members that have been around as long as me, will remember. (I may have left several others off the list).   
     To get everyone up to speed on the Lobster award, it was given to the "Last Place" finisher during the annual Club Road Rally that used to be held every year, for many successive years in a row.   The person who came in 'last' on accumulated points received the Red Lobster Award to have and keep track of for a one year period.  Most put it in a closet or junk room at their home instead on the fireplace mantle, where it belongs. 

     The club just got back the Red Lobster from Tammy and Kevin R, who were longtime past members of the club.  They have since moved to another state,in August and came across it in their packing up of their belongings for the trip and put a notice out on our Facebook page. I called the "owners" and made arrangements to get it back. It was one thing they did NOT want to take with them when they moved.   Honestly, the club forgot about it or what happened to it for several years.  Now that the Club has it back, we will have to put it to use again and have another rally or something like that where we can give it to a current 'last place' finisher at a club event.    Now, the Lobster Award has had a makeover.  It was brought it to our last breakfast before hiking Albion Basin for the Wildflower event, and I was wiping the dust and grime off it and started to polish the wood while waiting for my breakfast.  When Hank P. saw it, he volunteered to take it to his dentist office and give it a "makeover".  Hank added some personal touches and "bling" to it including a set of dentures.  I have photos of before and after. As you can see, the Lobster trophy has the original club decal when the club was part of the Miata Club of America program back in the early 90's.  It also has our official Club Member Decal and the 15th and 20th Anniversary Club decal on it and also sports the Mazda "Zoom Zoom" slogan.  A few members of the CLUB are getting together, and we are going to bring back and do a Rally this year, probably in October 2013.  It is guaranteed to be a good one as we will be brainstorming ideas at other Club get together.    It is finally nice to see the Red Lobster back home.  And then, once again, we can give it out to a  "last place winner in the Club". 
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