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Summer Picnic 2018

The Riverside Bowery at the Morgan City Park is now reserved for 08 September 2018 from 12:00 to 16:00 for our annual picnic.

A motion was made at the planning meeting to change caterers as the food was always the same.

Due to circumstances beyond the Clubs control, the picnic in Morgan City park will be “Bring Your Own” lunch. If you can’t make a baloney sandwich worth a hoot, the following places in Morgan will be happy to take your money.

J’s 50 North State St.  (drive-in type food)

River Burgers 256 North State St. (drive-in type food)

Subway 381 North State St. (self explanatory)

Phillips Gas Station 404 North State St. (drive-in type food, order at the main register)

Deb”s Spicy Pie 10 North Commercial St.(Pizza, Subs, Soup & salads) If you want Pizza, I would call before you leave Salt Lake)801-845-1400.

Don’t forget, we have the Park from Noon til 4:00 PM so bring your favorite card games, ball games, badminton games, etc., and enjoy the afternoon.

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