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Texas Miata Roundup 2018

by Mike Bailey

Get ready for another Utah Miata Club Roadtrip.  In October quite a few members of our club will be traveling to Granbury, Texas which is the destination for our road trip titled "Texas Miata Roundup".  We have been planning this trip for over a year now which is sponsored and put on by the Lone Star Miata Club of Dallas - Ft. Worth, Texas area. Granbury is a historic quaint town just outside of the Dallas area I am told.  Most of us are headed down to Farmington, New Mexico and then on to Albuquerque, New Mexico to spend a few days at the Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Festival, an exciting event in and of itself.  There we will meet our dear east coast friends Donn and Janet Cichocki and renew our acquaintances, for the first time since we were together on the Viking River Cruise to Europe.  Our group will then travel to Lubbock, Texas, spend the night there before heading to Granbury the next day. Others will go by way of Durango, Colorado and down to New Mexico from there. The event in Granbury will last four days with lots of rides and fun times and good eats planned by the Lone Star Club.  We can even take in a track day at the MotorSport Ranch in Cresson.  I'd personally like to do that but don't have any takers on that from our club to go with.  I had so much fun with Donn, Robert Klinshaw, Bill Anderson  and Gary Collings and their spouses at the Bristol Motor Speedway when we went 'Zoomin' the Mountains of East Tennessee a few years back.  A race track experience is always an exhilerating experience!

After the event ends on Sunday we will be driving through Austin, Texas and on to San Antonio for a couple nights on our way home.  I hoped to stop in Austin to see our old friends Dan and Julie Tolley, former longtime members of the Utah club, but I haven't been able to catch up with them yet.  It will be a fun trip back home as Steve and Ronda seem to have a good plan to get us back to Utah with several good stops on the way back home.  There will be a couple groups going down, some with different stops along the way.  I know that Vredevelds and Mechlings have kids they want to see in Texas during the trip. All in all the Google Map say this trip is 2,915 miles.  I'm sure will put on over 3,000 miles on our Miatas before we all get home.  This will be another adventure for our club members and will be a great way to cap off the 2018 year.  I'm getting real excited for this trip and the fun and adventures we will all share.  

Check the website for more information and registration:

Texas Miata Roundup Event Merchandise

The Texas Miata Roundup is next month! The date is from October 7 - 17th for most of us.  Some will be leaving a different day and also a slightly different route.  It will be a very fun trip for those that are going.  Featured is the new logo I have come up for this event trip.  It is a whimsical Miata with a lot of character and a grin on it's face.  It portrays how much fun and excitement we will have on this trip, which is the last major road trip for 2018.  I hope you like it.  I will be making up some event shirts for this event as we normally do.  Polo shirts and T-Shirts will be available and also if anyone wants a long-sleeve T-shirt or a Sweat Shirt, we can do those as well.  The I'm looking at possibly a Yellow or Texas Orange color for the shirts.  The Polo shirt will screen print with the full color logo on the front left chest in 6 colors + screen tints.   The T-Shirts and any other Shirts will have the same logo on left front chest and a Map of our main route also with the event logo on the back.  Still working on the artwork on the map at this time.  The shirts will be at our regular price of $35.00 for a Polo and $15.00 each for a regular T-shirt.  For Long Sleeve T's they will be the standard $20.00 each.  If you want the "Miata" script type-font running down the sleeve it is an extra $6.00 for that.  I will have a pass-around sign up sheet at the September luncheon for the shirts.  Hats: If enough people want a hat, I will do an embroidered hat.  I need at least 6 hats to pay for the cost of the digitizing and sew-out on them.  They will be $16.00 each for the ball caps.  If you want a floppy, wide brim hat, I can do those also.  They are about $20.00 -$25.00 each, depending on hat style and cost.  In addition to the shirts we will do Event Logo Car Magnets.  They will be at the normal cost of 2 for $12.00.


Please email or call me if you want a shirt, hat, magnet or anything else or sign up at the Sept. luncheon.  I need to get these ordered right away to have them in time for the trip.  My email is;   Phone; 801-597-1456.  Thanks,  Mike.

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