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October Luncheon and Drive

Where: Heritage Park, 10400 Alpine Way (Corner of 10400 N and 5300 W, Highland)  in Highland, UT

When: Saturday October 3, 11:30 A.M.

Drive: Alpine Loop (Weather permitting)

This park is just south of Hwy 92 and there are lots of fast food places to grab your lunch in this area.  The bowery is not reserved so bring your camp chairs or blankets.  
Weather permitting for the drive!

Drive Information: 

Doyle and Val drove a recon drive for Saturday’s drive and hope this group is open to our exciting change in the route.  Cascade Springs road has been closed for repairs and we were excited to see it was now open, all newly paved.  In addition, the former gravel road from Cascade Springs over the mountain to Midway is now fully paved and open!


So instead of going to Provo Canyon, up past Deer Creek to Heber and then Midway, we will take the Cascade Springs route to Midway.  Then to Wasatch State Park and over Guardsman Pass as originally planned.  Please note that there is one place under construction in Midway where the road is one lane and we may have to wait for a “lead truck”.  Road was fine, they are just working on the shoulder.

Here are two options we will discuss and decide on at the meeting in the park:

  1. Alpine Loop turning off at Cascade Springs (skipping Sundance Resort), then over the mountain to Midway, etc… Total drive time 2 hrs 7 minutes start to finish (without bathroom stops).  Heritage Park to Cascade Springs 44 minutes, to Wasatch State Park total time 1 hr 17 minutes, to end of Big Cottonwood Canyon 2 hrs 7 minutes.  

  2. For those short on time, you have the option to drive Alpine Loop to Provo Canyon, then return to Orem and I-15 or to head to Heber and home via Parleys Canyon. Total drive time Heritage Park to 1-15 in Orem is 1 hr 7 min.



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