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2020 Summer Picnic


The park is called Western Springs Park.  We booked the date of Saturday, August 15, 2020 It is booked from 10:00 am. - 3:00 pm.  It has a covered pavilion with 12 tables that will sit 8 comfortably or up to 10 people so it will work well for us.  It is convenient for everyone to find and get to.  It is located off 12600 South & 4750 West, Riverton, just west of the Mountain View Corridor.   Steve made arrangements for the 'South of the Border Tacos', same Food Truck company we used at last summer's picnic, which was awesome.  Steve, you can follow up with Luis and Maria on this and let them know the date is confirmed.   I paid Riverton City the deposit for the park which was $35.00 as it was discounted to this amount because we are Riverton citizens.  I will bring a copy of the paperwork and payment receipt next time I see you.   Details below on the food truck from Steve's email.

Riverton park.JPG
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