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July Picnic, Elections & Planning Meeting Head’s Up

By: Roger Heath

Date & Time:  Saturday, July 16th, 11:30 PM

Location: LDS Church Pavilion (Pavilion is behind the church building)

Address: 6410 South 725 East Murray 84107 (a couple blocks west of Wheeler Farm)

The summer picnic will be here before we know it. And as you all know this is the time new club officers will be elected. Please be thinking of those you want to nominate or self-nominate. I will bring the box to deposit your nominations to the June meeting and drive. You can also submit nominations through email or wait until the day of the picnic. It would be nice to see multiple names for each position.

Also during the picnic the calendar for activities is set for the coming months. Be thinking of any month you’d like to lead a drive or if you want to plan or suggest an overnighter. Everything begins with an idea or suggestion.


This year’s picnic and elections will be the 3rd weekend due to July 4th happening the 1st weekend and most of the Executive Board will be at Explore Oregon the 2nd weekend.  The picnic will be held in Murray behind a church that will afford us privacy and a large enough venue that we won’t need to share with anyone else. This is the same location as last year’s picnic and our April meeting this year.  You will not need to bring camp chairs with you unless you would like to. This location will have running water and bathroom facilities as well.

Food will be provided by the club. South of the Border food truck (same food truck from the last three years will be there). Feel free to bring a dessert to share if you’d like to. No pressure.

No drive, instead we will be handling club business while enjoying good food and company.

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