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Sundance under the Stars and Full Moon

Submitted by Steve Beckstead


September Miata Club Meeting and event plan

Thursday night, September 8th at 6pm

Heritage Park in Alpine where we’ve met before

10400 South Alpine Highway (5300 West) in Highland

I’ve had to change my original plan for September’s monthly meeting for a number of reasons. First, there is an issue with traffic on the Alpine loop on any Saturday, and with fall leaf changes traffic will be even worse. This can make the drive actually dangerous and hair raising especially the last half. Second, finding a restaurant than can seat about 45 has proven too difficult.  Third, The Sundance full moon lift event will be most crowded on Saturday night. 

For these reasons our meeting and drive will be on Thursday night, September 8th at 6pm.  I know this is an unusual idea, but that might increase the appeal as something new can be a shot in the arm.

The plan is to meet at the park in Alpine for our meeting.  As the event does not open until 8:30 the 6pm time should work.  Bring your own food and maybe chairs as always and then we’ll have our meeting and visit.  After the meeting (7pm or so) I will lead the drive east and across Suncrest to Alpine then through a much less crowded Alpine loop to Sundance. After lift ride, we'll continue down and out the Provo canyon side and each heads home.

Tickets can be purchased in advance and price is $30 or $25 for seniors for the Sundance lift. I know this is a work night, but I don't think it will run that late.  If people want they could just attend the park and meeting, or do a partial drive, or do the whole drive to Sundance but skip the lift event. Here is the ticket link to the event, hope it works:

Wear long pants and bring a jacket it will be very cool on the lift (but very fun)!

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