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Ghosts & Legends Miata Challenge Reminder 

By: Mike Bailey


As a reminder: the Ghosts & Legends Challenge starts January 1st.  Please either text or email me if you are thinking of participating. My contact info is at bottom of this article.  I will also have a sign up list at the meetings in 2023.  It will run from January through the middle of October.   


The "challenge" is to drive your Miata to any old 'ghost towns' in Utah, or surrounding states if you wish, and take a photo of you in front of any sign, like town name, street sign, or landmark like a mine shaft or noteworthy thing in the town to show you were there. If you plan to go where roads are bad, or dirt roads, you can use an OTM (other than Miata vehicle), but still take your photo.


The person or couple who visits the most towns or landmarks during this time period will be the winners.  We plan to have a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners and possibly consolation prizes.


Event T-shirts and possibly an event pin will be available to participants.  This is intended to be a fun event that everyone can participate in.  If anyone wants to lead a group drive to any place, please let me or a club officer know and we can put it on the calendar for a group drive.


More details will follow in the coming months.  Thanks to all those willing to participate in this.   Contact Mike at 801-597-1456 or    ZOOM - ZOOM

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