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April Luncheon & Drive     

by Mike Bailey


When: Saturday April 6, 2024 

Where: Marie Calender’s Restaurant, 1109 E. 3900 S., Salt Lake City; Meet- Back Room  Time: 11:30 a.m.                                                                                                                     


Event / Drive: Utah State Capitol: 4th Floor: “100 Years of Utah Film, TV, Photography Exhibit”: 350 N. State Street , Salt Lake City                                                                                                                             

Our April luncheon and drive will be at a restaurant we used to go to back in the mid-1990’s—early 2000’s for our monthly club meeting every month. Maybe a few of you remember this!  We’ll meet in the back room as it is reserved for our group. We will have the choice of only 5 different menu items off the menu so that they can accommodate our large group and make sure we all get our meals together on time.  The following meal choices have been selected by some club officers in advance.  Items are: Chicken Pot Pie Combo (includes Ceasar or House salad and slice of pie), Freshly Roasted Turkey Dinner, Callender’s Cheeseburger with fries or coleslaw, tater tots or fresh fruit, Classic Cobb Salad, or Chicken & Broccoli Fettuccine. You can order drinks and desserts if you like along with your lunch. Checking on a Gluten free.

After the business meeting we will line up our Miatas and head up to the Utah State Capitol for our event which will be a “Celebration of 100 Years of Utah Film, TV & Photography” Exhibit located on the 4th Floor of the Capitol building.  I’m sure we won’t be all together driving up there as there will be traffic to contend with on the way there. Park at the Capitol and everyone will meet on the 4th Floor.  Additionally the 3rd Floor has Exhibits and so does the Rotunda with art work and sculptures that you may want to view while there.  You can leave at your own convenience to travel home.

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