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Cycle Kart Event Details & May Luncheon 

 by Mike Bailey, Ken Jaworski

When: Saturday May 4, 2024   

Time: 10:30 a.m.  Meet for luncheon at Shepherd Park in Farmington.     760 West Shepherd Lane Destination after Lunch: Huntsville Town Park:  7355 East 200 South, Huntsville, Utah 84317

We will have our Monthly Meeting and Luncheon at Shephard Park in Farmington, Utah at 10:30 a.m. located at 760 W. Shephard Lane.  Going north on I-15 take the Shephard Lane exit north of Lagoon and the Park Lane exit. Turn right onto Shephard Lane.  We have been to this park before. Picnic tables are available at the two pavilions, but we will not have reservations, so it’s maybe a good idea to bring your camp chairs possibly for a lunch picnic and also for the Cycle Kart event in case other people are at the tables.  Bring a picnic lunch/fast food places nearby. Rest rooms are available at the park.  Bring your FRS Radios to communicate with during the day.


After our meeting we will head north on Hwy. 89 to Weber Canyon then to Huntsville.  Approximate time is about one-half hour to get there, about 27 miles.  There will be food trucks and various vendors at the event and also several restaurants by the park in Huntsville like Shooting Star Bar, etc.  Those who attended last year’s event were impressed on how fun it was to see the karts. Just a note, more than 40 carts are registered to participate in this already.   Bring your camera and “Have Fun”.

Cycle Cart 2.jpg
Cycle Cart 3.jpg
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