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Exploring Far Western Canada
Taking your Miata on a cruise.

This Miata adventure explores western Canada via Mount Rainer national park in the state of Washington.  The United States will be left via ferry from Port Angeles, Washington to Victoria, British Columbia.  The adventure will continue to the north end of Vancouver island to Port Hardy, British Columbia. A second ferry ride of 318 miles will begin from Port Hardy through the inside passage to Prince Rupert, British Canada.  From Prince Rupert the adventure will wind its way back to the United States at Grand Forks, B.C. at the Washington State border.

Total estimated driving Miles 3,276
Total ferryboat miles 340

This trip does require a current Pass Port

Travel Dates June 22nd, thru July 4th 2018
Day 1, Friday June 22nd 
Salt Lake City to Pendleton, Oregon
557 miles all interstate

Day 2, Saturday June 23rd
Pendleton, Oregon to DuPont, Washington via Mount Rainer National Park
Out of Pendleton on I84 to I82 north to Yakima, Washington from Yakima north on Hwy 12 to Hwy 410 to Mount Rainer National Park, thru the National park to Ashford on to DuPont, Washington.  Had to extend drive for adequate hotel.
319 miles 

Day 3 Sunday June 24th

DuPont, Washington to Port Angeles, Washington via Olympia and Shelton, Washington traveling up Hwy 101 on the west side of Puget Sound.
134 miles


Day 4 Monday June 25th
Customs to Canada and ferryboat trip to Victoria, British Columbia. (Coho ferry Black Ball Ferry Line)  estimate $82.50 a car with 2 people 
Rest of day spent sight seeing in Victoria
Online for tickets and reservations (make own reservation in advance)   see nest page for Hotel


Day 5 Tuesday June 26th
Victoria, British Columbia to Port Hardy, British Columbia HWY 1 to HWY 19 up the east coast of Vancouver Island.
309 miles 5 hrs 43 min


Day 6 Wednesday June 27th
Port Hardy, British Columbia to Prince Rupert, British Columbia via BC Ferries
318 miles, travel time 16 hrs. 20 min.   Leaves 7:30 am, arrives Prince Rupert 11:30 pm 
Estimated cost $469.00 for car $412.00 for 2 passengers for a total $881.00 Canadian dollars.    Note this ferry reservation should be made sooner rather than later.
Reservations can be made online (BCFerries) or by Phone: 888-223-3779


Day 7 Thursday June 28th
Prince Rupert, British Columbia to Smithers, British Columbia; Hwy 16 east
347 kilometers or 215miles; 3 hrs. 51 min.


Day 8 Friday June 29th
Smithers, British Columbia to Prince George, British Columbia on Hwy16 east
371 kilometers or 230 miles;  4 hrs. 22 min.


Day 9 Saturday June 30th
Prince George, British Columbia to Kamloops, British Columbia on Hwy 97 south
525 kilometers or 326 miles;  5 hrs. 44 min.


Day 10 Sunday July 1st
Kamloops, British Columbia to Grand Forks, British Columbia on the Washington State border.
416 kilometers or 309 miles; 5 hrs 


Day 11 Monday July 2nd

Grand Forks, British Columbia to Moscow, Idaho  ( clear customs into the United States) via Spokane, Washington 
189 miles;  4 Hrs. 10min.


Day 12 Tuesday July 3rd
Moscow, Idaho to Boise, Idaho via McCall, Idaho   US Hwy 95 south down the west side of the state
269 miles; 5 Hrs. 15 min
Hotel: yet to be determined.


Day 13 Wednesday July 4th 
Boise, Idaho to Salt Lake City, Utah

More information and road maps to follow .
If you are interested in participating in this Miata adventure please Mark and Susan Vaughn at 801-262-7757 and more information will be provided.


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