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Two of our Utah Miata club members were recently contacted by one of their friends and fellow Miata enthusiasts from the Miatas SoCal group. Their friend is a long time Miata lover and just recently she lost her beloved 23 year old Miata. She is reaching out to see if it is possible to find another NA. Keep in mind she lives in CA so she wouldn't be able to register anything modified very easily (CA is extremely restricting for modified cars) but she is willing to travel.

We are reaching out to the Utah Miata Club because we know and trust that if someone has a vehicle they are looking to sell, it wouldn't have any issues. Unfortunately there are too many scams these days and there is also something to be said for going from one enthusiast to another.

If anyone in the club is interested, they can contact Tonya at and she will be happy to put them in touch with the buyer.

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