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Halloween Party

When: Saturday, October 28, 2017
Time: 6:00 p.m. until 10:00
Where: Ali & Shylo's Condo Clubhouse

Our Club Halloween Party will be the last Saturday in October, the 28th, from 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm at Ali & Shylo Bazzaz's condo clubhouse in South Jordan located just off Bangerter Highway by the District Shopping Center. This is at the same location that we had last year.  Address is 11239 River Heights Drive, South Jordan, 84095.  If you get lost phone Ali at 801-309-5574.  Our hosts will be Ali and Shylo. Bring a Pot Luck item for something to eat.  We always have good Halloween treats to eat.  Be sure to wear your best Halloween costume and dress up as this make it all the more fun.  It will be a fun evening to socialize with your Miata friends and kick back and enjoy yourselves.  If you don't have a costume this year, just come as you are as this will be scary enough? Most of these photos are from last year and a couple from past years. 

Vredevelds, Carol, James, Hilary, Halloween 2017
Vredevelds, Carol, James, Hilary, 2-Halloween 2017
Val, Jackie, Halloween 2017
Val, Halloween 2017
Steve Beckstead, Halloween 2017
Sharon, Lynn, Karen, Halloween 2017
Ronda, Carol, Halloween 2017
Mechlings, Halloween 2017
Lynn, Mike Halloween 2017
Just Doyle, Halloween 2017
Jeff, Gordy, Robert, Doyle, Halloween 20-17
Jackie, Halloween 2017
Eric, Kathy Kankanian, Halloween 2017
Gordy, Halloween 2017
Happy Banana Lynn, Halloween
Cheryl, Eric, Kathy, Lynn, Halloween 2017
Deb, Jeff Moon, Halloween 2017
Cheryl Schaefer, Halloween 2017
Ali, Shylo, Halloween 2017, lr
Baileys, Halloween 2017
Ali Bazzaz, Halloween, 2017
Amy, Steve, Ronda, Halloween 2017
Amy Beckstead, Halloween 2017
Amy, Ronda, Halloween 2017
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