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            Miatas in Moab Essentials
1. Two Way FRS Radios (very important for drives)  (We do not use CB Radios)
2. Sunscreen
3. Hat
4. Sunglasses
5. Binoculars
6. Camera (a must-have item)
7. Bottled water  (Several bottles if possible)
8. Short sleeve shirt, long sleeve shirt, sweat shirt or sweater, light jacket
9. Long pants, shorts
10. Jacket (nights can be cool by the river)
11. Shoes for hiking, comfortable for walking
12. Water shoes for rafting
13. If staying at Red Cliffs, bear in mind refrigerators and microwaves are in the rooms      and the resort is 20 minutes from Moab’s stores and restaurants.  Bring what you          might like for the rooms.

14. Insect Repellent
15. Swimsuit (outdoor pool, hot tub available)
16. Workout clothing (exercise facility available)
17. Be sure to ‘gas up’ in town.  Resort is 14 miles from town of Moab.


Bring your smiles (miata “grin”) and good moods for a fun time!!    


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