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 Attention Zoomers:  Some of us just decided to go to this play at the Grand Theater on February 15, 2018 at 7:30 (Thursday night).  I think this is a limited seating play so HURRY. Tickets are General Admission for $20, or $17 for us older ‘funsters’ (Seniors) with a $5 per order fee.    Looks fun!
The Grand Theatre is located in the SLCC South City Campus, which previously was Central High School.  It is at 1575 South State Street, South Salt Lake City.  Order tickets on-line or by phone call: 
We may eat dinner somewhere close by such as Coachman’s Restaurant on 1300 So. State street or somewhere else as this has not been decided yet.  Details to follow on this but it will probably be about 5:30 for dinner.    Check out the Utah Miata Club Facebook Page.

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