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Play at Desert Star Theater in Murray; "My Valley Fair Lady"

Febuary 13, Saturday night at 6:00 p.m.

Hello Utah Miata Club,


Announcing an event at the Desert Star Theater in Murray on February 13th, Saturday at 6:00 P.M.   They will be performing another fun comedy play, "My Valley Fair Lady".  We have been as a group before and had a ball.


We will start with Dinner at Applebee's at 4pm, early enough to beat the crowds. The address is 6123 South State St. in the Fashion Place Mall lot (Northwest side).  Rexanne Pond has set it up with them to hold tables for us but we need to know who is coming to give a number to the restaurant.  Contact Steve B. or Rexanne on this.


Tickets to the fun play are around $28 each and each person needs to call and buy theirs on their own.  This needs to be done as soon as possible because they are NOT holding tickets for us, but do have us together as much as possible on Row 7 & 8, if you say to be near the Utah Miata Club group. Their phone number is 801-266-2600.  There are also seats on both sides of the center section.   These are always a lot of fun so please come.


If coming, please do TWO things:

1. Call and buy your tickets near Utah Miata Club people

2. Email me back an RSVP if you want a seat saved at the Applebee's at 4pm.  I will forward to Rexanne.


Thanks, and see you there,

Steve Beckstead

President, UMC


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